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My name is Erin and I have been blogging since July 2010 on the recommendation of my friend Ann and now I can't stop, LOL. I created this blog as a place to display my Kreativity. To inspire and be inspired. I hope you enjoy your visit. Let me know you stopped by so that I can return the favor and visit your blog.

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Friday, November 11, 2011
Hello my dear friends!
It's Fall, my most favoritest time of the year. 
I love the colors of fall. I love the cool crisp air of fall.
And, I love the cozy feel of jeans and hoodies. 
I know we're all buzzin' around trying to get ready for the hustle and bustle of Christmas (and my shopping is DONE!) but before we get too deep into the Christmas spirit let's do a few more fall projects. 

As many of you know I LOVE to make little gifts for the kid's school teachers and the principal. I wish I could do something for every staff member of the school because they are so wonderful but who has that kind of time or money? Anyway, Halloween is no exception to my brown nosing gift giving. 
Since I've gone back to school (full-time) this fall I am pressed for crafting time. So, I cheated and bought them a gift but I still made them a card. 
 Here are the 3 cards I made. I LOVE the Simply Charmed cartridge and these adorable little scarecrows.
I wanted the card to match the scarecrows I gave to the teachers and principal. 
My daughter was so excited, Mrs. Conrad (the principal) took her into her office and let to choose the spot this adorable little scarecrow would stand. She chose the spot right next to the pens we gave her at the start of the school year. :)
Here are close ups of each card. I used Glossy Accents on the shoes. 

 So fun. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Fall and a tremendous Thanksgiving. Then, let the Christmas projects begin. 
Keep Kreating, 
Thursday, October 27, 2011
Guest Designer for Scrappin Sista aka Christel :)

October is Christel's birthday month and she has been celebrating with some awesome designers all month long. I am so honored and privileged to be among such talent. 
Unfortunately, I haven't had a whole lot of time to get into my scrap space over the last several weeks but I was able to sneak in and complete a project for Christel this past week. 
I wanted to make a simple but sparkley card and that I did. 

I have been desperately trying to use only scraps with each of my latest projects or at the very least mostly scraps. With this project I was successful....scraps only. 
The scalloped squares were made using my Spellbinders and the butterfly bling was something I received in on of Christel's swaps some time ago. I inked all the edges :)! I love inking it really pops everything. The sentiment is 1 stamp of a 4 stamp Stamin' Up set I purchased at a local thrift shop for $4. (It's amazing what kind of scrappy things you can find there if you are persistent and look hard enough) This stamp says:

cel*e*brate \se-le-brat\ v
(ca 1669) 1 a: to honor (as a 
holiday) by ceremonies b: to 
mark an anniversary or event
often iu a social gathering 
with acquaintances, friends and
loved ones b: a horn-blowing
confetti-throwing good time
Fitting for a month long birthday celebration don't you think?

Happy Birthday Christel! I hope your birthday and birthday month was the best it's ever been. 
Don't forget to hop on over to Christel's blog and show her some birthday love. 

Keep Kreating Friends,
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Welcome to the 
Purplefuntastick Bonanza Bash!
This is a hop in honor of our dear friend Kari's Birthday

H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y

If you are just visiting my blog and would like to hop from the very beginning you can start at Kari's (click here) blog. There are prizes and inspirations along the way that are sure to please.  If you've arrived here from Her Craftiness (click here), Lynne you are hopping along the right trail.

Today I wanted to share with you a card I made using a leftover tag I had made in a swap a little while back. This was my first attempt at tags and I gotta say I was pleased with the outcome and I really like how it looks on this card. 
I know it's simple but to be honest with you

Once again I want to wish Kari a very happy birthday and I hope your day is GREAT!

Your next stop along the way is Susan's (click here) blog. 

Don't forget to hop on over to Kari's blog and wish her a very happy birthday too. 

Keep Kreating, 
Sunday, September 11, 2011
Hey ya'll!
I wanted to share a little something with you tonight. 
My cousin Kathy is having a baby! Congrats Kathy & Dave!
Although I am VERY happy for them and know they will make great parents I'm a little upset w/ them because they did not find out the gender of the baby. They want it to be a "surprise". GRR, LOL! 
It seems that in this day it is SO hard to find anything that is gender neutral, even if it's "neutral" it seems to have a gender feel about it. Well, I was able to find the cutest ducky hooded towels and I had to make a card to match of course. 
Isn't it cute? The front says "Welcome little one" and the inside says "Babies are God's opinion that the world should go on"
I love how I was able to match hemp to the buttons. So fun. 

I also made a little tag blanket.
It's so soft and cuddly. It's 12x12 and I'm sure little what's its name will love it. 

I'm remembering 9/11/01 today and watching documentary after documentary and the images seem just as shocking to me today, 10yrs & a million replays over, as they did on that horrible day. I'm so grateful for our country and our military.
Thank you Lord for protecting us in spite of our actions against you as a country. 

Keep Kreating &
Never Forget,
Thursday, September 1, 2011
I have already gone back to school. My first day was 8/29 and so far I am passing all my classed w/ flying colors. :) 
My kids go back to school on Wednesday (9/7) and they are both looking forward to it. My son Jason will be in Kindergarten this year and the big exciting thing for the kindergarteners is that they get to eat lunch in the cafeteria and not the classroom. My daughter Jaelyn is going into 1st grade this year and the exciting thing for her is that she will have a new teacher (Mrs. Donato) new to Discovery AND her classroom is on the 2nd floor this year. 
Ah, the simple things in life....
Well, I do everything I can to catch the cheap back to school sales for any and all of their supplies. In doing so we end up w/ the simple things. Plain blue notebooks, solid colored folders, boring binders. BORING? Did someone say boring? Well, NOT if I can help it. I took my son's "boring binder" and made it into an original, one of a kind, just for him binder.
 It's not much but it will definitely not be anything like any of his friends. 
I hope  you and your children are all enjoying your back to school time. (More time to craft right moms?) 
I made a gorgeous new Autumn banner for my mantel I will be sharing w/ you probably sometime over the weekend. 

Have a great Labor Day 
Keep Kreating, 
Thursday, August 25, 2011
It's Back To School time all over the country!
I LOVE back to school time. It means Fall (my FAVORITE) is almost here, it means new, fresh & crisp school supplies, it means new classes and new friends, it means new beginnings. 
My kids don't start school until September 7th!
I love to give the teachers and principal gifts for just about every occasion including the start of the new school year. This year my daughter will be in 1st grade breaking in a new teacher to Discovery and my son will be in Kindergarten. Discovery also has a new principal, Mrs. Conrad will make a great addition to "the team".
Since I have been LOVING my vinyl aka Contact paper it's only fitting that I would tie it into the teachers gifts this year. 
Here's what I made to share with our teachers/principal...

This project was fun, easy and affordable. 
These are pens, wrapped in floral tape with a blossom glued to the top. I stuck the pens in a glass container filled w/ green glass "stones". 
Easy Peasy lemon squeezy! 
The nicest thing is that I was able to find many of the materials at The Dollar Tree. The floral tape was purchased at JoAnn's and the pens were purchased at Office Max.
What teacher or principal can't use some pretty pens on her desk?
I hope you are all enjoying this Back To School season.
Keep Kreating, 
Monday, August 15, 2011
I have been wanting to try my hand at vinyl for the LONGEST time.
I honestly don't even know what I was so scared of but I finally just took the plunge and did it. 
I purchased an 18" x 24' roll of white Contact Paper for $5.99 at Target and went to town. I found a very helpful and comprehensive video on YouTube by Above Rubies Studio explaining all the settings to cut vinyl with the Gypsy. They have a ton of helpful videos. I'm sure you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.
I had wanted to create something for my kids boring bedroom door.
Here is what I did....

 It works out really well that both my children have the same initials. Yes, I did plan it that way and in many cases I have been somewhat sorry I did but not today. :) I LOVE how this turned out.  The kids were surprised when they came home to find it on their bedroom door too, which was fun!
I have a few more vinyl Back to School projects to share with you over the next few days. I hope you will enjoy them. 
I can't wait to do more w/ the vinyl/Contact paper. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any other solid color in the Contact paper aside from the white so it looks like I will have to find another source for colors but for now the white is working just fine for me.
If you know of any affordable sources for vinyl I'd love for you to share your wisdom with me. 

Keep Kreating, 
Saturday, July 30, 2011
Where have you been?!? 
Where have I been?
I cannot believe it's been 6 weeks since I posted on my blog, how irresponsible of me. LOL

Some of you know (some of you don't) that I have been somewhat preoccupied with....well, life. Me and my most precious Kreations have been going thru some MAJOR changes in our lives these past few months and sometimes life just takes over. Ever since we moved at the beginning of May it seems as if I have been consumed with one thing right after another. What's most important is that I am (VERY slowly) learning to take one step at a time and that I cannot worry about what I have no control over. God will provide and take care of us even if it's not exactly in the way that I think it should be. I have a roof over my head, we have food on the table (and in the cupboards too, lol), and my babies are healthy and happy. 
My kids finished their first year in tee-ball (turned coach pitch) and they both did GREAT. 
Here they are in action on their first game day.
 LOVE this photo of the kids on the bench from behind. My son is the 3rd from the left and my daughter is right next to him. She wasn't the only girl on the team but she was the only one in this pic.
 Batter up! Yeah, she missed this one but she ended the season being a pretty good hitter. (PS: That's Coach Pfak behind her, she had a crush on him, lol)
Jason hit this one out of the park! OK, not really (the park is HUGE) but he had a hit on his very first swing. He'd been training all his life, literally, for that very moment. 
I was so VERY proud of my kids this season. Not because of their game play (although that was great) but because of their behavior. If I'm lying I'm dying they were the most well behaved children on the team. Along w/ Lena whose mother was RIGHT there being involved every step of the way. 

Kids surprise me. They adjust to change much better than we adults do and they are stronger than we grown ups give them credit for. I love how strong they are. Yes, they are still kids and have a melt down here and there but they are doing great. 
Back to school in a few short weeks. 
I am officially the mom of a 1st grader and a Kindergartener. :'( Both Jaelyn and Jason finished off their school year with flying colors. 
We are sad to see our beloved principal Mrs. Botticello retire and our favorite Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kenny also retire but they both deserve it even thought they will be GREATLY missed.
My return to school in the fall is still up in the air. There are a lot of unanswered questions that REALLY need answers in the next few weeks (more like yesterday) before I know for sure what I will be doing or where I will be going. Again, things that are totally out of my control. One day at a time, one step at a time. 

I have still been crafting here and there and I promise to share w/ you soon. I have some vinyl projects I've been doing and I gotta say....What the heck took me so long to dive into vinyl? I LOVE it. If you haven't tried it you really gotta give it a try. 

Well, I promise I won't let my posts be so few and far between in the future. 
Thank you all for stopping by and for still supporting me even though I have become a lazy blogger. LOL

Keep Kreating
Share more w/ you soon, 
Friday, June 10, 2011
Hello friends!
Welcome to the
Royal Purple Freedom Hop
Hosted by the Fabulous Faith

If you have arrived here from the Bodacious Brie 
you are hopping along the right path. If you'd like to start at the beginning of this hop please visit the Fabulous Faith 
Many of us in this hop have been or know someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. Did you know.....
 About 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes occur every year while many more assaults and rapes go unreported entirely. Over 3 million children witness violence in their home each year and those who see and hear violence in the home suffer physically and emotionally. These statistics are sad and overwhelming, but help IS out there for those that choose to break the silence.

Together we can make a difference! 
Help us instill some hope where very little probably exists and give 24 families a chance at recovery when we are able to donate $1,000 to the Bradley Angle House.  
When you create and send your purple themed card(s) with a hope filled message inside you could make all the difference in the lives of and individual or family that is hurting both physically and emotionally and feeling hopeless. 
Not only does creating a card give hope and encouragement to a person in need it also gives YOU a chance to win the grand prize for this hop...what is it you ask?  
A prize basket valued at (way) more than $100.
 Some of the generous sponsors of this hop are:
Peachy Keen Stamps, K. Andrew Designs, Verve, My Creative Time, Our Daily Bread Designs, Pink Cricut, Erin Lee Creative, Robert's Crafts, along with many other generous individuals. 
This prize basket is EPIC!
  Want more chances to win the grand prize?  
Additional entries will be given for each $1 donation you include with your card.  $1=1 entry, $5=5 entries, $10=10 get the picture. It's all up to you!   
Cards must be postmarked by June 30th for inclusion in the HUGE basket drawings and can be mailed to the following address:

Royal Purple Hop
c/o Vicki Smith
P.O. Box 1496
Millbrook, NY 12545

For this hop I have created the pretty purple card shown here:

The purple sentiment is from Scrappy Mom's and says:
With Prayers & Positive Thoughts. 
I thought this sentiment was PERFECT. This is exactly what these ladies need.   
I will be sending this card off with a well thought out, handwritten note of encouragement and a prayer that this card, as well as the many other cards the ladies in this hop as well as many of you hoppers will be sending, will be a blessing to someone in need. 

Your next stop along the way is the Terrific Tanya.  To start at the beginning or see all the blog candy being offered be sure to check out Faith's Blog.

Lori A:
Debbie W:
Jen R. http:/
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Please join us for the
Royal Purple Freedom Hop
June 10th, 2011
Hosted by the lovely Faith
Here is what she had to share with us:
 Domestic Violence is a silent killer that is directly responsible for the deaths of 3 women every day on average. One in eight women will experience Domestic Violence in their lifetimes and women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes every year while many more assaults and rapes go unreported entirely.

Even more upsetting is the fact that over 3 million children witness violence in their home each year. Those who see and hear violence in the home suffer physically and emotionally. These statistics are sad and overwhelming, but help IS out there for those that choose to break the silence.

Together we can make a difference! Help us instill some hope were very little probably exists and give 24 families a chance at recovery when we are able to donate 1k dollars to a local shelter! WE NEED YOU!!!

There will be plenty of wonderful projects to view along this hop as well as some pretty spectacular blog candy as well. 
In addition to hopping along with us on 6/10 you too can help make a difference in someones life. You can also make a card (A2 sized preferable) and add your own personal message of hope and encouragement. You never know when your small act of kindness to someone may make all the difference in the world to not only them but their families and their children as well. 
If you would like to participate and send a card(s) you may send it to the address on the right side bar of my blog. 

Keep Kreating, 
Thursday, May 19, 2011
Check it out....
is giving away the Circle exclusive
Cricut Everyday cart once she reaches 500 followers. 
This cart is awesome. Hop on over for your chance to win. 
Keep Kreating, 


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